revolutionary devices


A revolutionary device that changed the world .

The device

The device . Made from recycled brass machine fittings copper and silver . adorned with gemstones and crystal.

Hello and welcome . I am here again with another weird and wonderful creation. This machine like jewell is a salute to the industrial revolution. Started in my opinion with the advent of the steam engine . This amazing machine turned our lives completely. From an predominantly agricultural status not really changed from medievel times, to the modern world of today, which is still powered by steam.

I know some people may say it was a bad thing and yes we have exploited our eco system to the point of destruction. But i think of it as necessary and i think now we are trying to change it . 

So i like to commemorate these clever people ie Robert Stevenson who built the first commercially workable steam train the rocket.

I think its important to remember without these pioneers of science for a start i probably wouldnt be stitting in comfort on a train writing this on a smart phone . 



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Today I am doing what I am supposed to be doing . That is to create unusual pieces of jewellery. Perhaps I am the only one who likes it but I had fun creating it . My inspiration is steam punk which has become a very popular sub culture. Everything from clothing jewellery even films inspired or adopted the style . My favorite of these being Hell Boy. The imagery and indeed the plot are brilliant . Come on Ron Perlman it needs a third. While making this piece I was imagining some sort of key that is needed to start an amazing machine with almost magic properties . Or to unlock a portal to another world. Something understated with massive importance. The square in the middle is solid sterling silver . Then I used real pieces of machinery made of brass and copper as the framework to hold the silver . I havent shown it in the photo but it comes with a hand embroider necklace .
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would it be great

Would it be a great idea if we all stop fighting each other and turned our attention to more important matters . While we sit there thinking who deserves what and why . Things are dying every day obviously the most concerning to us is people . This of course is important we need to fight disease poverty and general misteatment. For a start is this possible . We seem to have a passion for sufferening. Perhaps we need a balance . We need the dark to apreciate the light. I think it seems a misguided notion . Surely there is enough negative energy in the universe to counter a general positive force from planet earth .


As a child our imaginations are untamed wild free to roam and explore never ending possibilities .But as we grow up we start to restrict our minds to a more functional use. To most that imagination is replaced by reason.However there are number of people who can still tap into that world that dominated our child hood and project it In their medium of choosing. This
in turn seen by others emots that world once again .
Some people may say what is the point of art it is not important like a doctor or a farmer. But i beleive if we forget art we will forget we are human .